What Massage Therapy can do for you

These are the benefits of massage therapy. What your massage therapist can do for you has positive effects to every system of your body!

Muscular System
  • promotes muscle relaxation and flexibility
  • increases joint flexibility and range of motion
  • relieves muscular restrictions, spasms, stiffness and tightness
  • reduces muscle soreness, and injured muscles repair faster
Nervous System
  • stimulates or soothes the nervous sytem, depending on the massage stroke
  • decreases pain through release of endorphins and through general relaxation
Cardio-Vascular System
  • improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids
  • reduces swelling
  • delivery of nutrients and removal of metabolic waste products in the blood is improved
  • reduces ischemia (a decrease in blood flow to an organ or tissue), believed to be a major cause of muscle pain
  • reduces blood pressure
Lymphatic System
  • stimulates the lymphatic system, helping remove waste from the body
  • strengthens the immune system
Integumentary System (the skin)
  • improves the skin’s condition, texture and tone
  • improves quality and flexibility of scar tissue
Respiratory System
  • slows respiration, promotes deeper and easier breathing
  • reduces phlegm
Digestive System
  • increases digestive activity in the large intestine
  • relieves constipation
Psychological & Emotional Effects
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • enhances well-being, body awareness and body image
  • renews energy
  • increases mental alertness
  • eases symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • satisfies the need for caring and nurturing touch

Benefit of Massage