Hands and Feet Essentials (2hrs & 30mins).. ₱500.00
Re-energize by stimulating the reflexes in this deluxe hand and foot experience. Head/Hand/Foot Reflexology, Manicure, Pedicure.
Face, Fingers and Feet Deluxe (3hrs).. ₱650.00
Enjoy the necessities today! Deep facial cleansing + Foot Spa + Manicure and Pedicure.
Firm Harmony (2hrs) ₱700.00
Pamper yourself with our Firm Combo Massage and Foot Reflexology package, and feel yourself descend into deep relaxation.
Spa Escape (2hrs & 30mins) ₱800.00
Be calmed and experience yourself in a good mood and inner wellness with our Swedish Massage, Foot Spa and Foot Reflexology package.
Serenity Escape (2hrs & 30mins) ₱800.00
Slip away from everyday stress… Indulge yourself with our Aromatherapy Massage and Total Facial Cleansing package today!
Royal Retreat 1 (2hrs) ₱700.00
Be pampered with our Body Scrub (your choice of flavor — coffee, strawberry, milk), and top it off with our deep-tissue Swedish Massage.
Royal Retreat 2 (2hrs) ₱800.00
Treat yourself like a prince or princess with our Body Scrub plus Firm Combo Massage package.
Royal Retreat 3 (2hrs & 20mins) ₱900.00
Let us treat you like a king or queen with our Body Scrub plus Aromatherapy Massage package.
Tranquility Escape (3hrs & 45mins) ₱1100.00
Surrender yourself to long hours of tranquility with our total-body revitalization techniques. Your package includes: Total Facial Cleansing, Foot Spa with Foot Massage and Firm Combo Massage.
Loving Touch for Two (2hrs & 30mins) ₱1,700.00
Refresh and pamper yourself as you lie next to that special someone in your life. Your package includes: Aromatherapy Massage and Total Facial Cleansing — for you and your partner.
Ultimate Firm (5hrs & 30mins) ₱1,700.00
Retreat into bliss as you unwind with a virtually full day of therapeutic treatments: Body Scrub, Firm Combo Massage, Total Facial Cleansing, Foot Spa, Foot Reflexology. Perfect for giving yourself that well-deserved pampering!