Massage Beds

Head & Hand, Foot Reflexology (60mins) ₱300.00
Zonal Therapy characterized by massaging, squeezing, and applyingpressure to certain part of the body which encourages beneficial effectsto other parts of the body to improve general health.
Swedish Massage (60mins) ₱350.00
Holistic Therapy which helps soothe muscles, boosts proper bloodcirculation & relieves stress which benefits physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.
Shiatsu Massage (60mins) ₱350.00
A Japanese form of rigorous massage that uses fingers (shi) to applyacupressure (a tsu) to meridians (energy points) in order to stimulatephysical relaxation which reduces stress.
Thai Massage (60mins) ₱350.00
Ancient Dry Massage that uses submissive stretching and gentlepressure along energy lines. It’s aim is to harmonize the flow ofvital energy and force to improve general health and rejuvenation.
Ventusa Massage (60mins) ₱400.00
A form of alternative therapy that uses glass to suction out toxinsthrough cellular channels. This removes colic, muscular pains, andrelieves knotted muscles.
Firm Combo Massage (90mins) ₱500.00
Complete Whole Body Massage which combines three types: Swedish,Shiatsu, and Thai to pamper your tired body. This relieves muscletension and deeply relaxes and reduces anxiety and stress.
Aromatherapy Massage (90mins) ₱500.00
A one-house Swedish & Shiatsu combination with a gentle and soothing30-min Foot Reflex Finish. This helps muscles and soft tissues be workedout improving proper blood circulation.

Hot Stone Massage (60mins) ₱400.00
A form of treatment that uses smooth heated stones.The heat is both deeply relaxing and helps tight muscles release.